Much of my understanding has come from consultation and mentoring from Lisa Erickson, who is based out of Seattle and specializes in work with gifted individuals. The following language is adapted from her website. Understanding the counseling needs of gifted people is important. Being gifted and talented is about more than grades and high IQ. It affects emotions, sensations, energy level, concentration, and imagination as well as other attributes. Most importantly, giftedness does not disappear with childhood. Gifted and talented children grow up to be gifted and talented adults, and sometimes, they need psychotherapy.  Why does understanding giftedness matter in psychotherapy?  Giftedness can lead to difficulties at work and in relationships. Very few therapists understand or even consider giftedness as an important factor in working with people. Finding a therapist who understands the differences between giftedness and psychopathology can mean the difference between having a successful therapy experience in which you feel better about your life and circumstances versus one that leaves you feeling frustrated and misunderstood.  Experience with giftedness can lead to an accurate diagnosis or the removal of an inaccurate one. What if you discovered that there wasn't anything wrong with you, but rather there was something quite right about you?